Multinet ( Udaipur) Private Limited
Multinet ( Udaipur) Private Limited
311, Mid Town Business Centre, Station Road, Udaipole, Udaipur (Raj.)
Subscription Form for Wired / Wireless Internet Connection
A. Customer Particulars
1. Title/Name of the Customer (Last name First) Company/Firm/Organization *
2. Address *
3. Contact Telephone Phone No.:
Home Mobile *
E-mail Address *
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)
Subscription Type: (Tick any one)
Plan Opted (See Instructions)
8. Internet Connection Type
9. In case of BPO/Cal l Centre/NOC/OSP, kindl y attach proof of registration with DOT :
  DOT Reg. No
ii. No. of Fixed IP Addresses:
C. Customer Premises equipment (CPE) details: (See Instruction no. 9 )
i. Whether CPE (Router) is required from Multinet
If yes, specify CPE type

ii. Ethernet (RJ 45) Port Availability on Customer’s PC Hub
iii. In case of (i) above Customer to use his own CPE and ensure compatibility (See Instruction of General Instructions)
Please specify your CPE Router Specification (Type Make & Model No)
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In case the PC does not have required Software and Hardware, the same is to be got installed by customer at his own cost from PC vendor/ supplier