Residence Solution

Multinet Udaipur Pvt. Ltd. Broadband service is a simple and convenient usage-based Internet product.

It is a Pre-paid and Post Paid service that provides advantages of Internet access at the most affordable prices.

What’s more? Our Broadband has no maintenance costs, and protects the user from paying for more than they use. Once you choose a plan based on your specific needs, you’ll find that it is the most economical service.

Multinet Udaipur Pvt. Ltd.’s Broadband gives you the advantage of reliable Internet connectivity, with fixed monthly charges, disconnection facility and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Benefits For Home Users, Small And Medium Businesses And Students
  • Wide range of Service Packs - Data Transfer / Unlimited & Night Plans.
  • Broadband Access – Always on, No Telephone, No Modem.
  • No month end Surprises – “Pay for what you Surf”
  • 24X7 Activation & Support
  • Easy & Instant Recharge
  • For more details please contact us on +91-294-6700000

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