Multinet Udaipur Pvt. Ltd. can help your enterprise harness all the power the Internet can offer.

We offer a full suite of services spanning broadband, network security, VPN options, and Voive Over IP, designed to provide global availability, secure accessibility, reliable performance, and swift navigation.

To add with, we weave a closer and reliable Enterprise services complementing the fastest technology. We understand that getting your enterprise requirements at a great low price is important to your business. We are completely focused on delivering excellent levels of service with fast, reliable solutions along with helpful and friendly customer support.

WIFI Deployment Scenarios
Wireless Networks

Multinet Udaipur Pvt. Ltd. signs a Service Level Agreement that guarantees you 100% connectivity with no packet losses. These connections are dedicated paths across our network.

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Enterprise Solution

Internet has become a part of everybody's professional and personal lives. Not only are enterprises, increasingly using the internet to boost productivity, increase communications and efficiently use time bur property agents too offer residential apartments with internet access as a part of their sales pitch.

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Residence Solution

Multinet Broadband service is a simple and convenient usage-based Internet product. It is a Pre-paid service that provides advantages of Internet access at the most affordable prices.

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Wi Fi Zone

Wireless Broadband eliminates the ugly wiring that usually accompanies a broadband connection. Our Wireless Broadband gets delivered effortlessly � wirelessly to your home. That too at the best possible price!

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We deliver what others only promise.

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